Your Hunt for Jobs in Meghalaya Ends Here

At Marketing Wire, we're a bunch of passionate youth working to build an amazing customer experience giving them the best marketing support in term of Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

We want to create more jobs in Meghalaya

We stand true to our vision as we want to make sure that every talent in and around Meghalaya gets the exposure they deserve. We cannot promise you opportunities every time, but as we grow we'll need all the hands we can get as we create more jobs in Meghalaya.


We believe through work we can bring in the best of people and remove the ceiling that stops oneself to know their true potential. Work & Fun goes hand in hand, that's our mantra.

Experience Working in the Northeast look for Jobs in Meghalaya

If you think you’d be a good fit for Marketing Wire, we’d love to talk!

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